Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ode to Craigslist

After spending the majority of every day for the last month diggin through the depths of craigslist...I am a believer....(and perhaps even a promoter???) of this free marketplace. I am moving in with strangers, in New York City. Scary, right? Nope....I found the sweetest French guys to live with who surely will become dear friends.

Step #1: Find an Apartment......check!

Next, it was dealing with the fact that I am going to be downsizing from my 900sq. ft. condo to.....(tear) pretty much a bedroom. I mourned this fact for about 10 seconds, then did what anyone should do...I broke out the dig. and started photographing the material possessions I loved so dearly (for the past 11 months). Within 2 hours, I had helped perfect strangers carry my flat screen tv, full length mirror, bed frame, and dresser out to their minivans. I came back inside the beloved condo, looked at the pile of $1100 in cash on my counter, and I burst into tears. Now, money has always been the source of happy tears...not, my heart is breaking-this is really happening-I'm leaving everything and everyone tears. But this time, it was the latter. I called my friend Benjamin and we went and saw " Baby Mama" ( I treated, of course) and got my emotions in control again. As it turns out, my bed & dresser went to a sweet 10 yr old girl who called the bed her "princess nest" and the tv & mirror went to a single woman moving into her first home. Both scenarios left me with a warm feeling inside.

Step #2: Sell some stuff...check!

Due to the pleasant fact that the economy is in somewhat of a slump, I realized quickly that it would be a small miracle if I could actually sell my condo in the next mere 3 weeks. So again, I logged on to and, in nothing less than pure poetry, posted the details of my abode...FOR RENT.
At the key pricepoint of $1400/month I received 27 emails in 2 days. One week prior, the condo was listed for $1500 a month and I got 3 inquiries. $100 truly does make a difference!!!
Last night, 2 angels walked through my door. Their faces lit up the second they saw the place....and I lit up when I witnessed them seeing what I see, every day when I walk through my door. BLISS. They went to Conga down the street and called me about 20 minutes later. They came back that night, signed the lease, AND bought my remaining furniture.

Step #3: Occupy my condo....check!!!!!!!

So, word to the wise.....craigslist is your friend!

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