Friday, July 11, 2008

A Day In The Park

2 weeks ago, Jackie organized a fabulous day in the park for the whole gang. We filled up Brian's granny cart and about 6 coolers with beer, crystal light & vodka (AMAZING), and tons of food and set out for Prospect Park in Brooklyn. This park is actually larger than Central Park and is much quieter. Jackie brought Milo, her adorable little Yorkie and Kate brought Grace, her Malte-Poo. The dogs (and their owners) couldn't wait to escape the heat of the city! We ate, drank, played cards (and a few "If" book questions were asked, thank you very much). Around 3:00, the sky went gray and SHEETS of rain poured down on us. We took shelter under the trees and it passed quickly. The day was  relaxing and serene, as a summer Saturday should be. I'll be back to this park soon, next time to visit the botanical gardens!

Milo LOVED the park!!!

Prospect Park, Brooklyn....Serenity

Kate, Lindsay, Nikki and Jackie sought some shade while they ate

The doggies loved the dog beach!

Jackie and Milo escaped the rain!

The rain starts to POUR down!!!! We took shelter under the trees

Ending the night at "The Dove" in Greenwich Village

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