Monday, July 28, 2008


One of my BEST friends in the entire world got married this weekend!!!! DREA!!!! Read the details below of this magical & unforgettable wedding!

The bride and I- blissfully sipping our Cosmo's

The bride and her other best friend Tanya

Me and the groom, what a stud!!!

Drea & Mike....her stance says it all!

That's my girl!!!!!!

During the ceremony

I only felt slighty guilty about hogging the bride ; )

Whew!!!! It's so good to be HOME! I spent the last week in South Beach, Florida for work and then went home to MN for the first time in 2 months. Florida was great...even though I was there for work! Then, the weekend in Minnesota was just what I needed. My dear friend Drea & her boyfriend Mike got married at a surprise wedding at the 112 Eatery!!! Mike had called all of Drea's friends and family and told them to come to the restaurant and he was going to propose to Drea, in front of everyone. So, we got there at 7pm on Saturday and all of the guests were buzzing with questions...."Will they show up married?" "Will she say yes?" "Is this really happening?" Then, at 7:15, Drea & Mike walked in and Mike gave everyone the shock of all shocks: "You all aren't here to witness a proposal, you're here to see us get married." With that, Drea's father, a pastor, married the two of them in a simple, wonderful and unforgettable ceremony. We then ate, drank, and were MERRY! The best part? Drea's maiden name AND Mike's last name are Johnson- no need to change her last name : )

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