Sunday, September 28, 2008

Visits from Friends

I am lucky to have many wonderful friends in my life. In the last month, three of these lovely ladies came to NYC to experience it through my eyes. With Becca, my high school BFF now residing in Colorado, it was partying with her family, drinking, eating, and enjoying the nightlife. With Alicia, my BFF from Florida, Leisurely afternoons spent at the Museum of Natural History, long walks down Columbus Ave, flea market perusing, seeing Wicked on Broadway and memorable dinners (french onion soup dumplings at The Stanton Social and Filet at BLT Steak, dirty martinis and crab at The Palm, just to name a few). Sheena rounded out the month this weekend and our time together involved a pretentious (yet FABULOUS) brunch at Bagatelle in the Meatpacking District where we were told the only way we'd get in is if we knew the owner, waiting in line for a dive bar called the Rusty Knot that is so hole-in-the-wall it's chic & hip (for my MN friends, it was reminiscent of Liquor Lyle's) and today culminated with a rainy walk along Madison Avenue (any fashionista's dream street). It really helps not feeling lonely when I constantly have visitors! Who's next???

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