Saturday, October 18, 2008

Restaurant Review: Nonna

Since I'm a lover of dining out (and now perhaps could be considered a "foodie") and always photograph whatever entree I have decided on I will now share my insights with the world. Last night, Tadashi came to the city and was craving Italian, so we headed down my street to Nonna on Columbus Avenue at 85th St. We were seated right away literally next to two lovely ladies. The one next to me said, "You have a great bag, so I guess it's ok that you're wedged up next to me!" Tadash and I had a lot of catching up to do, so we tuned out the drunken conversation occurring next to us and settled in. We ordered the wine (playing it safe by ordering the second from the cheapest bottle) and it was just okay. 
For dinner, Tadash kept it standard and ordered the Lasagna. I had two bites and it was pleasantly sweet and only a bit too chewy. I think he was pretty happy with it, despite. I ordered Linguini with clams. Delicious pasta with some kick (peppers?) but the clams were as gritty as if I had just dug them out from the ocean. Nice taste but the texture was hard to ignore. The service was attentive at first then diminished, but by that point I was too drunk to care! Overall, decent place for a $60 tab. Will I go back? Probably not. But I'm so happy I got to catch up with my buddy!

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