Sunday, November 9, 2008

Goal Setting

Growing up in Minnesota, it becomes almost socially acceptable to pack on an extra 5 lbs. in preparation for the cold winter ahead. Now that I live in NY, I'm realizing people here have the opposite mindset. They attempt to lose weight during the winter months. Imagine my surprise when my co-workers asked me to join them in a 4-mile race on December 13th! The notion of getting into a rigorous exercise routine had been in the back of my mind for a while, so I reluctantly agreed. Signing up was easy... training will not be as simple. See, I cannot just go into this race cold. Anyone who knows me may say I'm a bit competitive. The fact that all 5 of my co-workers that I'll be running with (against) are runners doesn't make my feat any easier! This morning I ran 2 miles with only minor aches and pains. My first mile I ran in just under 10 minutes. Mile 2, 11.5 minutes. To at least hold my own and not finish dead last come Dec. 13th, I need to run 10 minute miles for all 4 miles. Sigh. There's a long road ahead, literally. I will post my times daily so you all can share in the guts and glory of my (pathetic 4-mile race training schedule. Any tips? Please, send them my way!

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Anonymous said...

I love your motivation! My advice is don't start to fast, pace yourself. Also stretch and enjoy yourself.