Friday, November 28, 2008

A Very Macy's Thanksgiving

For the first time in twenty five years, I wasn't with my family for Turkey day. Instead, I spent the day at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and made dinner with Jackie, Bryan and Joe. What could have been a bummer, turned out to be one of the most memorable and wonderful days ever! As a Macy's employee, you can volunteer (and are STRONGLY encouraged to do so) for the parade. This event is made up of 4,000 volunteers... all Macy's employees, friends & family. Of the many areas you can volunteer for (i.e. celebrity escort, rollerblading clown, balloon handler) I chose to be in charge of seating 10,000 ticket-holders in approx. 2 hours. Luckily for me, my friends Jackie, Bryan and Joe all came to help! It was amazing to arrive at 5:30AM and see all the gigantic balloons lined up along 77th St when only a few hours later they were flying high over millions of spectators! We performed our duties well and by 8:50 we had all 10,000 seated and happy.... with 10 minutes to spare! AMAZING! We then got to sit down and watch the 82nd annual parade in all its' glory!

The Macy's star balloons pre-launch

Me dancing down the street... yes, I have a banner (an old gentelman was calling me Ms. Macy's because of it when in reality I had to wear it to identify myself as a "captain")

6AM Jackie and I in front of a clown prop

Jackie in front of the balloons pre-launch

If seating thousands wasn't enough, Jackie had the FABULOUS job of giving all the sweet children the balloon of their choice ("No, I want a PINK one!!!")

SUCCESS! Jackie and I proudly display our parade jackets

Once we sat down it was a little chilly, but check out our FRONT ROW seats!!!!

Jackie & Bryan 

The 72nd TRANSVERSE team!

The parade begins!!!!

Thousands of New Yorkers watch the parade from their apartments!

Harajuko girls

Snoopy's balloon handlers!

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