Friday, August 28, 2009

The September Issue

All my life I've loved fashion magazines. In particular, the September issue of fashion magazines. Always thick and glossy, filled to the brim with inspirational styling, gorgeous ads for things I don't need and of course, breathtaking couture. Exactly what I needed to gear up for another year of school. Nowadays, the September issues of Vogue, Elle and InStyle (the trifecta) help me revamp my wardrobe for fall. Today, I went and saw the documentary "The September Issue" about Anna Wintour and the creation of Vogue's largest issue ever, the September 2007 issue. I went with two of my Macy's co-workers (one of which had ordered the back issue of this magazine and brought it along to the movie). To be was a movie about the cold-hearted, materialistic, bitchy, emaciated fashion industry but it was so so much more than that. It truly became a character study on Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington. There's a scene where Grace is on location for a photo shoot in Europe. She's all alone in this beautiful English garden, reflecting on her life and she says, "I figure I must have been left behind. I'm a romantic. But the most insightful moment in the documentary was when Wintour discussed the careers of her siblings, one built affordable housing in London while the other was the political editor for the Guardian – they all find the career of the most powerful woman in fashion “amusing”. It displayed a rare moment of vulnerability, which wasn’t evident as the camera’s rolled in Wintour’s Long Island home as Wintour and her daughter Bee sorted through previous September issues and discussed their favourite covers and the most controversial. All in all, the movie was phenomenal. Now? Off to play dress-up!

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