Saturday, August 8, 2009

To-Do List

Even though I constantly get comments about the shear amount of things I seem to accomplish each weekend (especially per my constant status updates on facebook)...I still feel a bit unfulfilled. Alas, here are a few things I hope to accomplish before the first leaf falls...

1) Take a jewelry class... not beading but metalwork. I love finding unique, old lockets and charms at flea markets and Salvation Army. I want to take this love of collecting and combine it with my love of jewelry to learn how to re-work these old tresures into new, current accessories

2) Go to the Brooklyn find someone's trash that will become my treasure

3) Kayak through rapids... Kellen's introduced me to the sport but so far I've been to much of a scaredy-cat to bave the rapids... I feel ready!!!!

4) Take pictures of NYC in black & white... so I can actually decorate my walls with art...and express myself a bit. For whatever reason, I've let my creative side go slack and I want to bring it back

5) Buy a lampshade for my salvaged lamp... Much to K's demise, I am a dumpster diver....squealing with delight when I found a dark wood lamp in perfect condition sans a lampshade, laying on top of a heap of garbage on 37th Street. Need to complete this project by topping her off with something pretty.

Any suggestions for my to-do list?

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