Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Resolutions

Another new year begins at the stroke of midnight. 2008 was a year of transitions- Leaving the financial pressures of being a buyer behind for the personal pressures of Human Resources; Macy's North merging with Macy's East, causing me to lose my job yet bringing me back to NYC. Selling all of my belongings (except for 9 boxes) on Craigslist and renting my beloved condo in a matter of weeks; Flying to NYC for a whirlwind apartment hunting weekend... THANK YOU to Jackie and Heather for trampsing all around the island of Manhattan (and a quick stop in Brooklyn) with me...your friendship not only brought me back to this city- but it has made me love my life here. Moving in with the French guys....which taught me a lot about communication, trust, and cultural differences. Paying two brothers and their van $20 to pick me and all of my belongings up on the corner to move me to my new apartment....the brothers never showing up....3 cab rides and $65 later.....I was moved into my new Upper West Side apartment. Developing a friendship with my two amazing roommates, Jen and El. You two have made me laugh more than I ever have in my life... contract guy, the Peruvian, Pio Pio, Dirty UNO Sundays, the list goes on and on!

Getting settled into my new job was effortless and easy thanks to my co-workers. Jesse, Elicia, Matt, Stacy, Stephen, Laury, Logan, Eileen, and Shelby. I feel blessed to have each and every one of you in my life, both professionally and personally. Running the 4-mile Holiday run was so fun and bearable because of all of you! Macy's culture as an icon of New York City has also had a huge impact. Working the Thanksgiving Day Parade was a fantastic, joyous experience. Thank you again to Jackie, Bryan and Joe for volunteering with me and for cooking an OUTSTANDING meal! The end of 2008 also brought me a tall drink of water who, in the words of Eileen," Is INTENSE, but anyone less intense than him, Joy, you'd eat him alive!" I am overjoyed that this special someone is in my life : )

2008 is closing tonight and I am home in Minnesota, surrounded by my family. Having my big sister Jessa home from Korea has been incredible, even if she has convinced me to never eat another Swedish Fish in my lifetime ("Jo- they have CAR WAX in them!")...Spending quality time with my baby sister and best friend, Jenny and meeting her new boyfirend who (at last) I deem worthy of her affections....Playing Scrabble and consignment shopping with my mom. I feel so lucky to have a mom that I can share everything with....Relaxing and drinking coffee with my dad and Vicki- who drove all the way from Florida to have Christmas with us. Celebrating my nephew Jonanthan's 1st birthday- he is getting so big and developing such a dynamic and amazing personality. Nothing brightens a family like a new baby. If that isn't enough, having family pictures taken with Gary, Jennifer, Adam and Jonathan. We are truly a family and having you all in my life makes me feel very warm inside!

If 2009 is anything like 2008, it will be full of adventures and new experiences. Where 2008 was a year of transitions, 2009 will be a year to establish roots. I plan to run at least 2 races this year and exercise 5 days a week, buy a bike and explore the city on 2 wheels, run the 6-mile Central Park loop with my girls once a week (remember that promise, ladies??!!!), cook more meals at home, find a volunteer opportunity that will inspire me to be a better member of society, and finally- I do live in Manhattan after all- make my financial life as positive and fulfilling as my personal and professional lives. All of these things will easily be obtained with the love and support of each and every person mentioned in this posting. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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