Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Christmas Spirit

Lately, I've been feeling quite jovial in anticipation for the holidays. Last Sunday, Kellen and I spent hours walking around seeing the sights and really, nobody does Christmas like New York City. We walked down Madison Avenue and it was like we were in a movie... flurries of snow, Christmas music wafting down the streets, happy & hurried shoppers, twinkling lights and evergreen wreaths. Being outside in the brisk, winter air... holding hands, I felt like my face was frozen in a smile! It was such a magical day and just what I needed to kick off the holiday season. 

This season isn't about the biggest tree or most elaborate gifts... it's really about celebrating with family and friends, simply being TOGETHER. For my family, that is a feat in and of itself. This year, Christmas will be spent in Minnesota with literally, my entire family. Jessa is coming all the way from Korea, Dad & Vicki are road-tripping from FL, and I will be flying in from NYC for 10 glorious days with the people of utmost importance in my life. Until then, my New York family has been celebrating the season in full effect- Jackie & Bryan's 3rd annual holiday party!

The ladies!

Kellen & I

Heather & Lins looking chic and beautiful

The holiday goodies staged in front of the "roaring" fire ; )

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