Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A New Easter

This has been a year of many firsts, including new traditions. Thanksgiving '08 was my first holiday spent without my family : ( but it ended up being an amazing day experiencing the Macy's Parade and cooking an elaborate feast with friends. I'm realizing that as I get older, it's up to me to continue the traditions of my childhood if I so choose. Easter is a holiday I always was very excited for as a child (I've always had a sweet tooth) but one that always ended up being a bit disappointing. Year after year, buying adorable new Spring Easter dresses, preparing to emerge like a debutante into the Lutheran church after a drab winter...and then being crushed by the reality that Easter Sunday in Minnesota is ALWAYS snowing, cold and miserable and I would look like an idiot if I didn't put on a wool coat....and tights. Sigh. So, as I prepared for this Easter Sunday, I tried to think of the parts of Easter I cherished and the ones I... didn't. So, #1) Who will I share this Easter with? Holidays are all about family, and since Kellen is the closest thing to family I have here, we decided to spend the day together. #2) I hate ham....So, I made Prime Rib #3) I love cheesy Easter baskets.... so I made one for Kell, conveniently filled with all of my favorite candy but also including beef jerky and a new Calvin Klein tie for him hidden under all the sweets. #4) I always feel really fat and useless and lazy after a big holiday meal, so K and I went for a run in the morning AND walked all around the city after our food had settled. #5) I love taking pics, so I documented for all of you! To my family... I missed you all!

Drinking wine while cooking always ensures the food turns out scrumptious!!!
Tented pot roast

The only good part of not eating Easter dinner with mom & grandma is you get to sneak a piece of cheesecake before dinner....YUM

Kellen preparing to cut the roast

Even though I followed the directions exactly (sans the meat thermometer, which may have been the issue) the meat was only OK...good thing we had amazing asparagus, mashed potatoes and biscuits to tide us over!

Walking off the meal...cherry blossoms!

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