Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend in DC

Craving a weekend escape from the grayness of New York, Kellen and I took a road trip to our nation's capitol last weekend. It was the peak cherry blossom weekend and it was incredibly beautiful. In order to save money and make the most of our time, we left nyc at 3AM and drove into DC right as the sun was rising. We met Kellen's friend Katie and her out-of-town guests for a morning walk around the tidal basin to see the Jefferson Memorial and the blossoms.

Next, we headed to the Lincoln Memorial. Looking out to the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool, it was surreal to stand where so many history-making moment have occurred... "I Have a Dream", Barack's inaguration.....

The White House. We were hoping Michelle would walk out to tend to her garden but, no such luck. 

In the middle of the day, we took a rest on the National Lawn

We ended my first day in DC at the Smithsonian, the Capitol and Supreme Court
I LOVE D.C.!!!!!!

We went to our "hotel" (it was technically a motel since the rooms opened to the parking lot but Kellen seems to think that makes them "suites") and freshened up for dinner in Georgetown. Such a cute little town and the food was delicious!

Sunday morning we checked out of the hotel and as we headed back to NYC, we stopped at Arlington National Cemetary. It was the perfect day- blue skies, warm sun, 70 degrees. The weather made the experience even more enjoyable. First stop, JFK and Jackie's gravesite which are placed below the eternal flame.

For whatever reason, this one spoke to me. The thing I love about cemetaries is how much you can find out about a person's life through their headstone. 4 star generals whose wives passed before them but were still buried in Arlington, families that lost numerous children, soldiers who left the world unknown and nameless. 

Mary Lincoln and sons' tomb. Beautiful (and semi angelic) how the sun rays are shining around me. Kudos, photog!

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Jessa said...

gorgeous pix of the blossoms, jo! wow...you saw so much in such a short time! looks like a wonderful little vacation! i'm so glad you got to d.c., especially now that someone who we can be proud of lives in the white house.