Friday, June 12, 2009

My first year in the BIG APPLE

It's now been a little over a year since I uprooted my simple yet happy life in Minnesota to move to the East Coast. Looking back, it has been a crazy ride full of unexpected twists and turns. Looking forward, I can't imagine going back.

A Year Of Life (A Reflection on falling in love with a City)

A Year of Life, so vibrant and fast
Memories made each second, 
archiving luster to last

Finding yourself by using your feet
heading downtown, west, up or east
each direction, an oasis, a retreat

Seeing sadness amplified at every turn
suddenly stunned by random kindness
a CIty giving lessons to learn

The expense of laying your head here
so jaded by this town
month to month, distant fear

Gazing out the windows
buildings glossy with night
feeling awe as the wind blows

An Island they share
arms intertwined
a passionate love so rare

to take me away
from this city this love
a price I cannot pay.

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