Sunday, December 27, 2009

Painting the apartment

We have a very cozy 400 sq. ft apartment.... one that was in desperate need of a face lift. Inspired by one of my favorite treats, a Dunkachino (from Dunkin Donuts of course) we decided to paint the longest wall of the apartment a pretty cafe au lait color. I documented our project of course! But like any project, deciding to paint led us to decide to rearrange all the furniture and all in all, caused two full days of work. But the result was so great, it made it totally worth it!

The long hallway BEFORE the paint

All the furniture moved to the living room. Sigh.

Making progress!!!

Almost done!!!!

Post re-arrangement - the next project involves selling a lot of the furniture pictured here on craigslist. Any takers?

Our beautiful wall!!!!!

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