Friday, March 5, 2010

New York, I Love You

I flew into NYC today after a 2-day recruiting event at Indiana University. I had one of those fabulous flight attendants who believe being "tour guide from the sky" is also in their job description. But I watched the many non-New Yorkers crane their necks to see out the little airplane windows...hanging on every word as she pointed out the miniature versions of the Statue of Liberty, Yankee Stadium, Empire State Bldg and Central Park. And to be honest, I hung on her every word as well. 1 and 1/2 years after moving here, I can still say flying into this massively congested island puts a smile on my face. Especially since it now feels very much like a home. New York, I love you. I watched a movie with this exact name a few days ago. New York, I Love You was a beautiful tale of unrelated yet interwoven short stories of people falling in love...all over this city I love so much. In any given moment, hundreds of New Yorkers are experiencing those initial tugs on their heart strings...thinking to themselves, maybe him, finally, him. It often strikes me that the city is so full of beauty and love, yet it's such a tiny place, with buildings literally looming over the flanking rivers, will it just continue to expand? Will people continue to move here with hopes of meeting him, leaving her or finding themself? I think so. Even from 1,000 feet, it was clear. People look at Manhattan expecting to see chaos and grit and commotion. But if they look inside those high rise towers, through the concrete, steel and glass, they will see a city of individuals working ferociously at finding themselves and ultimately, finding love.

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Sherry said...

Wow Joy! I had tears in my eyes. What lovely lines of prose describing your New York and the heartbeat beneath the glamour. I love how you write! I love you!