Thursday, August 12, 2010

Staycation Part I

Staycation Volume I: The New Jersey State Fair

Growing up in Minnesota, one of my favorite annual events was the State Fair. My first concert was at the State Fair Grandstands - the Beach Boys! I have distinct memories of eating pizza on a stick, pickle dogs on a stick and hotdish...on a stick. Some of the best gut-busting food on the planet! I also remember going on the rides at the midway, laughing hysterically with my little sister as we looked death straight in the eyes! The fair reminds me of summer and of being a kid. So, when K suggested going to the NJ State Fair, I jumped on it!

We strolled through the 4-H barns and I was shocked to see the hay competition! Who knew one hay could be better than the next??

Next, the barns. This little goat was super eager to eat the food pellets in my hand!

To my delight, K bought us unlimited ride wristbands! We went through the Fun House first...

Then, the always romantic and iconic- ferris wheel. I got some great aerial shots of the fairgrounds

The food was OK. Maybe greasy fatty food was just better as a kid? Or MN just does it better : )
We left the fair tired and yes, feeling like kids!

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